Opinion: Dominic Hill is announced as Artistic Director of Glasgow’s Citizens Theatre – Daily Telegraph

Dominic Hill will breathe new life into Glasgow’s Citizens Theatre, says Mark Brown

Today’s announcement that Dominic Hill (right) is to be the next artistic director of Glasgow’s famous Citizens Theatre is great news for Scottish, and British, theatre. Hill – who hails from London, and is currently artistic director of the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh – could not be better suited to the job of taking forward what is, arguably, Scotland’s most important repertory theatre.

The director – who takes over at “The Citz”, as it is affectionately known, in October – has a talent for classical drama which is genuinely world class. His award-winning 2007 production of Ibsen’s Peer Gynt, for instance, stands comparison with the late, great German director Peter Zadek’s acclaimed presentation of the same play. Indeed, Hill’s highly imaginative, transfixing productions of classic plays by such authors as Shakespeare, Beckett, Howard Barker and Edward Albee mark him out as the best director to have worked in Scotland since Giles Havergal.

It was, of course, the extraordinary three decades under Havergal and his collaborators Philip Prowse and Robert David MacDonald (1969-2003) which, above all, earned The Citz its great international reputation. The subsequent, seven year reign of Jeremy Raison was, by painful contrast, a disappointing one.

With Hill’s appointment, an appropriately creative, irreverent and highly skilled order has been restored.

This article was originally published on the website of the Daily Telegraph on March 18 2011
© Mark Brown


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