Statement: Batsheva Dance Company

Statement: Batsheva Dance Company

As a performing arts critic and a longstanding supporter of the academic and cultural boycott of the State of Israel, I will be boycotting the Edinburgh International Festival performances by the Israeli State funded dance company Batsheva. In stark contrast to the brave Israeli artists who have refused Israeli State funding in protest at the illegal Occupation of Palestinian land, Batsheva receives State funding which comes with the condition that the recipient be prepared to breach international law and perform (as did Habima, the National Theatre of Israel) in the illegal Occupied Territories.

Contrary to statements by some anti-boycott commentators, the boycott of Batsheva is not a question of merely boycotting artists because of the country from which they come. Rather, it is a matter of principle, in which the company is boycotted because of the relationship it bears to the Israeli State and the illegal Occupation.


Mark Brown,


August 30, 2012

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